Advisors and Contributors

The diverse skills, expertise, and experience of our advisors, past and present, ensures that research and development stays focused on current global healthcare and social welfare needs. Each advisor or contributor is dedicated to making effective and affordable healthcare available to those in need, and to improving the quality of life and life expectancy of all. As the list of volunteers grow, so does the scope of expertise.  Scientific academia, government, faith-based organizations, industry and commerce,  health professionals, and public dignitaries' are just a few of the contributors helping improve health and welfare in impoverished communities.

ArchBishop B.E.N. Mthethwa

ArchBishop Mthethwa

"The HIV/AIDS pandemic is the ultimate opportunity of our time for the Christian community to become the central key to the solution as we bring forth the ideals of our faith, follow the example of Christ and to redirect the global health efforts in our nation and our world for the benefit of all".

Dedicated Professionals

Our in-house team of Scientific Researchers, Physicians, Registered Nurses,  and Educators, provide the backbone for our healthcare and social welfare programs.


Our clinics are setting new standards in community healthcare.