Message from the MD & CEO






MD & CEO and Founder

Terry Wild


We at the BioMonde believe that with sound research we can realize our vision… a vision that one day we will have all the pieces necessary to solve the puzzle that is chronic illness.

Many of us have been personally touched by a chronic disorder among our families or friends. Most know the devastation that diseases like Cancers, Viral and Non-Viral Hepatitis, HIV, Diabetes, and Liver disease, can wreak. I believe the best testimonial to the suffering of our loved ones is an investment in a future free of these maladies.

It is estimated that world-wide that, 6 million people die each year from Cancers, 450 million people are infected with Vital Hepatitis, 246 million people are affected by Diabetes, and 45 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS. The numbers for infections are projected to rise substantially by 2015. Additionally, millions of people are denied access to effective treatment due to the limited availability of medicines, intolerable drugs with adverse side-effects, and prohibitive cost of some drugs.

BioMonde has created a uniquely effective research environment. Our interdisciplinary health science approach to chronic disease provides a basic science framework for targeted research and drug discovery. It also provides the basis for new adjunct technologies to make existing medicines work better. Our translational science methodology seeks to bridge the gap—to move our discoveries from the labs to the patients through our own CharisHealth system, and strategic partnerships with government, non-profit and faith-based organizations.

BioMonde has assembled the fundamentals necessary for success. Our leadership is visionary, our people and partners are committed, and the validity and importance of our mission is internationally recognized. We are demonstrating success. Our derivative compounds are the subject of recent world-wide scientific attention and we are working to move new findings into clinical studies.

Please explore this website, learn more about our work, and encourage your friends to do so as well.

Consider supporting our efforts, as the financial resources necessary to carry this research forward are as great as the challenges we face.

Time is of the essence and all of us, working together, can make a difference.

Terry Wild
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer