BioMonde has research, manufacturing and administrative facilities in the Isle of Man, South Africa, France and  Slovakia.

Our manufacturing facilities have the following capabilities:

  • extracting high grade derivatives;
  • formulations
  • blending powders and liquids;
  • filtering;
  • drying;
  • compacting;
  • sieving;
  • tableting;
  • capsulations;
  • bag filling;
  • sealing;
  • packaging;


Originally configured and operated to HACCP standard, BioMonde's research and manufacturing facilities are currently being upgraded to GMP / ISO9000 standard.


BioMonde also undertakes contract production to companies for own-label products.



Our research focuses on the identification and extraction of derivatives from organic material.

BioMonde proprietary derivative research and development programs utilize sophisticated organic chemistry and low temperature science technology across three continents, including academic and special research laboratories.




Production technology and product formulations are proprietary to BioMonde. Research and development from laboratory, through to pilot and full production.

pilot extraction system



Our organic extraction processes utilizes state-of-art proprietary technology to produce high quality derivatives.

  • standardized
  • high purity
  • maximum potency
  • stabilized
  • extended shelve life
Bosch Capsule Machine

110,000 Capsules per hour


Wolf Filling Machine

Bag filling - capsules & tablets