BioMonde Milestones

BioMonde recognizes Bono, Sir Elton John and many other International Celebrities for their contributions to HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment







January 2011 saw the launch in South Africa of Xtended Lifesyle, the developer and operator of total care complexes incorporatiing healthcare clinics and housing. BioMonde 'is pleased to announce that it is now providing  exclusive therapies and other products specially formulated for Xtended Lifesyle. 


BioMonde's decision to channel it's  nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products for the management chronic illness  through specialist clinics has been welcomed by the South African health community. The health benefits of BioMonde's chronic management products are maximised by deploying them as the base for effective medical therapy's and procedures administered under the direction of consultant practitioners.


BioMonde consolidated is presence in South Africa where it's nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products were successfully deployed via specialist clinics in Johannesburg and Pretoria. The resulting health benefits have exceeded expectations, prompting BioMonde to partner new clinics in Western Cape and KZN in early 2010. 


BioMonde's nutraceutical and pharmaceutical product Research and Development strategy is supported by peer reviewed 3rd party research published in medical journals. As medical research and physicians understand more about the implications of hyaluronan syntheses (HA) over expression, in respect of chronic degenerative disease such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Fatty Liver and other Liver Disease, they heighten the importance of BioMonde derivatives that inhibit hyaluronan syntheses (HA) over expression.


Published research in medical journals, clinical data, primary and secondary healthcare regulatory requirements for medicines, and rising demand, collectively prompted BioMonde to accelerate extending its scope of operations into proprietary pharmaceutical product development. Loss of confidence in generic HAART (anti-retroviral treatment) in South Africa by practitioners and patients due to adverse side-effects focused attention on BioMonde derivatives. BioMonde adjunct ("support") therapy is seen as a way of  restoring confidence in HAART by improving viability, tolerability and effectiveness. Independent studies also cite BioMonde derivatives as a potent adjunct to Diabetes management.


BioMonde, focuses on the development and deployment of CharisHealth in the USA, UK, and Africa. CharisHealth South Africa was founded in partnership with faith-based organizations, leading politicians and dignitaries, who collectively hold a majority stake in the operations.  Majority indigenous, African ownership in CharisHealth South Africa marks a salient principle of the CharisHealth System dedicated to capacity building of African enterprise. BioMonde derivatives are cited in several medical journals and publications as adjuncts in the management of several Cancers and Multiple Sclerosis. Prf. Acad. Mladen Trkovnik retires from BioMonde's research team.


BioMonde, in cooperation with the KZN Regional Department of Health ("DoH") in South Africa, health institutions, academia, and faith-based organizations, establishes a healthcare facility in Durban, providing care for HIV/AIDS infected patients. This facility provided confirmation and valuable clinical data supporting prior research indicating the benefits of BioMonde derivatives as adjuncts to HAART therapy. The results were outstanding and prompted the DoH to request BioMonde consider deploying its adjuncts. Unfortunately, due to the scale of the pandemic, South Africa  lacks the necessary resources and infrastructure to deliver effective HIV treatments to rural and deprived communities.  CharisHealth was founded by BioMonde to investigate and develop innovative healthcare solutions, to addresses shortfalls in healthcare resources and clinical facilities, and to identify effective preventive/management programs. Terence J Wild, who has worked in Health and Sports Nutrition since 1991, became a Natural Medical Practitioner specializing in holistic healthcare, registered under the the South African government Traditional and Complementary Healers initiative, for his contributions in HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Healthcare.


Another major milestone for BioMonde, as collaboration with Baylor Research Institute in Dallas, the Baptist General Convention Texas, the FDA, and National Institutes of Health in the USA led to the commencement of FDA Phase II clinical studies at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, USA.


BioMonde disposed of its retail Sports Supplement business to Peak AG, a Luxemburg company operated by a former BioMonde partner. This decision allows BioMonde to focus its resources on the development of its rapidly emerging derivatives and healthcare business. A study identifies anti-inflammatory properties of a BioMonde derivative as a potential non-steroid asthma therapy.


BioMonde established working relationships with faith-based organizations, and academic institutions in Europe, USA and South Africa with the objective of defining a research and development plan, targeted towards supporting specific public-health issues in developed and developing countries. In particular, support for drug regimes associated with Liver and Dietary disorders such as Hepatitis and Fatty Liver, Cancer and HIV therapies.


Nutrisearch expanded rapidly, with its products becoming market leaders in Germany and Poland. Independent research and feed-back from health practitioners continue to drive BioMonde's research and credibility in the scientific and medical community.


BioMonde took controlling interest in Nutrisearch, a European Sports Supplement manufacturer/distributor. Its range of nutritional health and sports supplements are cited and used by leading dietitians, personal trainers, and professional athletes. The success of the Nutrisearch business provide the much needed funds to support BioMonde's core research and development.


BioMonde entered into co-operative relationships with practitioners and healthcare institutions in Europe, to investigate several indications of BioMonde derivatives.  An international PCT patent is approved for BioMonde derivatives. 


A major milestone and inspiration for BioMonde embracing patient healthcare.  Feed-back from medical practitioners and their patients combined with BioMonde's own research findings confirm the potential health benefits of umbelliferone derivatives (eg., 4-Methylumbelliferone) to be more extensive than originally thought. anti-cancer, anti-HIV, and anti-inflammatory activities were just a few of the exciting observations that may impact the prevention and management of Cancer, Diabetes, Viral Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses.


BioMonde's research leads to the discovery of several derivatives that appear to have potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory activity. An in-vitro study directly comparing BioMonde derivatives and AZT, confirmed the potent anti-HIV activity of one particular derivative, referencing it as non-toxic. AZT has a similar anti-viral activity, but is highly toxic. Consequently, as both the derivative and AZT are dosage dependent, and AZT dosage is reduced due to toxicity, the non-toxic derivative is potentially a better option.  BioMonde Preparations is founded as the Research and Development arm of BioMonde as an addition to its biotech research and development.


BioMonde launches its Heparvit, ExCell, and Nutritional ranges of nutraceutical products containing proprietary umbelliferone derivatives (eg., 4-Methylumbelliferones) and other organic derivatives extracts. These products find favor with health and fitness conscious enthusiasts, persons affected by active-lifestyles, retirees, and medical practitioners involved in the management of chronic diseases where nutritional balance is critical.


BioMonde is founded as the first biotech nutraceutical company to be established in the Isle of Man, a center for prestigious bioscience technology in the British Isles, bringing together several leading scientists from around Europe involved in biomedical research since 1960.