Corporate Profile

BioMonde is a private holding company whose principle subsidiaries, Charishealth International SA (pty) Limited, BioMonde Preparations Limited, Nutrisearch Limited, Carehaven Clinics (pty) Limited, research, develop, manufacture and make available proprietary nutraceutical products and healthcare services. These products and services are marketed as adjuncts to major drugs, as dietary foods,  nutritional health supplements, and healthcare programs, under the BioMonde, Nutrisearch, CharisHealth Xtended Lifestyle labels.

BioMonde’s business has three distinct segments:

research and development segment
  • BioMonde is currently focused on the prevention and management of Cancer, HCV, HBV, and Diabetes. BioMonde works closely with medical academia, hospitals, clinics and general practitioners in Europe, USA and Africa to evaluate the safety, efficacy of its proprietary nutraceutical 's as primary and adjunct therapies.
proprietary nutraceutical segment
  • BioMonde currently manufactures proprietary nutraceuticals and active ingredients largely concentrated in the core therapeutic categories: anti-inflammatory; anti-viral; anti-cancer; and anti-diabetic. These categories are common to most chronic illnesses including: HCV, HBV, Cirrhosis, Diabetes, Cancer, Fatty Liver, Alcohol and Drug induced Hepatitis, and Chemotherapy toxicity. The Heparvit™, ExCell™, Xtended Lifestyle™ and Nutrisearch™ ranges of nutraceuticals are available as special medicinal, nutritional, dietary health and sports supplements.
healthcare segment
  • BioMonde developed the Xtended Lifestyle™ systemas a model for establishing and operating healthcare facilities and community services. Charishealth is primarily a non-profit organization, providing centralized logistical support, education, training, management, and medicines to Charishealth affiliated clinics. In South Africa, these clinics are tailored to deliver primary and secondary healthcare services into rural and deprived communities. The key to the success of this healthcare program is the availability of BioMonde adjuncts to HAART (anti-retroviral) therapy, making the therapy more viable, tolerable and effective.














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