Business Strategy

BioMonde  plans to continue its biotech activities into proprietary product development in 2011, with more focus on supporting turn-key health services such as Xtended Lifestyle, clinics and physicians specialising in healthcare management and term care.Recent publications in medical journals continue to support the findings of clinics using BioMonde products. Oncologists and Hepatologists in particular, continue to continue to witness the health benefits of BioMonde products..

BioMonde's  product experience in the areas of R&D, clinical studies, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, and manufacturing has been targeted towards chronic healthcare. The primary focus of BioMonde is the expansion of a robust strategic proprietary product portfolio as therapies and adjuncts to drugs used in the prevention/management of chronic and infectious disease. The continued submission of New Drug Applications (NDAs) and medical publications, promotes therapies and adjuncts prompting mainline recognition in the management of chronic and infectious disease.

This strategy places BioMonde in a position to exploit the shortfalls of large pharmaceuticals and global brand companies, which have failed to effectively pursue products that would be considered of nominal-to-limited potential. It also augurs well for a demonstration that enterprise can profitably support low-cost low-profit generic drug deployment.

BioMonde currently has a number of proprietary products in development to compete as adjuncts in anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-asthmatic and anti-diabetic therapeutic categories. BioMonde focuses its proprietary product development activities in three areas:

  1. Patent-protected proprietary products in late stages of development;
  2. Existing organic compounds where the development of new forms (liquid vs. tablets, different dosages or other delivery systems, which offer therapeutic or marketing advantages;
  3. New organic entities in selected therapeutic categories, including some that are marketed in other countries but not currently sold in the United States and Africa.

Entry into the pharmaceutical market is generally prohibited by cost and protectionism, making it difficult for organizations like BioMonde to make effective inroads. Consequently, many nutraceutical companies, with effective therapies are forced into the less lucrative business approach of nutritional supplements.

Although BioMonde has historically focused on a nutraceutical approach, the procedures and protocols normally associated with more rigorous pharmaceutical standards have been our aim. Cooperating with regulatory authorities, academia and a scientifically minded restraint regarding claims, BioMonde is well placed to leverage emerging, peer reviewed research in order to support public and private healthcare demands by moving into a pharmaceutical grade product line.

BioMonde’s entry into the pharmaceutical realm is led by its Heparvit range of products, containing umbelliferone derivatives with well demonstrated and extensive indications. Umbelliferone derivatives have the advantage of having been used as choloretic drugs in Europe since 1960, without any reported adverse affects. With established pharmokinetics, toxicology, prior drug registration of active ingredients, extensive clinical use in Europe, and the availability of peer reviewed data, the registration of a pharmaceutical drug modeled on our Heparvit  formulation is now possible.