Our Approach

BioMonde directs global efforts to improve the effectiveness of under-performing, neglected and generic life-saving drugs for chronic and infectious diseases.

The approach is straightforward and eminently practical. Gather together an experienced and dedicated team of scientific and healthcare specialists. Identify medicines and nutraceutical derivative candidates with known indications and interactions. Investigate them for alternate indications, and develop them into safe, effective and affordable therapies and adjuncts ('support') for drugs used in the management of chronic and infectious diseases.

This focus enables public and private healthcare facilities, government agencies, and faith-based organizations to use them to lessen adverse side-effects, enhance effectiveness, and improve tolerability of front-line HIV, Cancer, Hepatitis and other drugs. By making known therapies work better, patients previously excluded because of adverse reactions, lack of appropriate therapies, or drug events may acquire access to therapy.

We carefully challenge the assumption that the developing and developed world "desperately needs New Drugs". Recent events demonstrate the pitfalls associated with new drugs, in particular their expense, availability, side-effects and failure to meet expectations.

On the contrary, there are many drugs and nutraceuticals on the market that have been around for years, which have never realized their full potential. By addressing safety, adverse-effects, indications, efficacy and tolerability, older drugs and nutraceuticals, in particular generics, offer a viable, effective, and affordable alternative to new drugs.

BioMonde adjuncts(4-MU) maximize patient treatments!