Mobilising Global Collaborative Effort

Realising the healthcare potential of basic scientific research requires the participation of several groups. Our innovative approach encourages a unique set of partnership, collaborative, consultative and investment opportunities.

As a biotech company focused on medical research and healthcare, we consult, strategically partner, and collaborate with private clinics, hospitals, academia, government agencies and faith-based/NGO organizations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, to coordinate the resources required for success. 

Our focus on community healthcare in partnership with private and public health agencies and faith-based organizations, has realized extensive nationwide benefits for those living in impoverished communities. The credit for these achievements is attributable to the to the support, advice and direction afforded by our collaborative partners since 2004.

As our collaborative partnerships continue to develop with academic, governmental agencies, and financial institutions, so do the healthcare services that we provide. Confidence in our healthcare initiatives is measurable by endorsements and support from medical academia, government, and  faith-based organizations in Europe, USA and South Africa. The adoption of our healthcare and social welfare delivery protocols within South Africa has already impacted positively on communities.



Healthcare Management


BioMonde representatives attend an development and implementation conference on OPENMRS (medical records system).