Core Strengths





BioMonde is a biotech research organization that focuses on the patient. This means our efforts go beyond academic studies, translating research into front-line patient healthcare.

We work to advance the cause of global health by developing effective and affordable nutraceuticals and adjuncts to optimize the prevention and management of chronic and infectious diseases, and maximize patient healthcare, especially the disproportionately affected people in the developing world. Our CharisHealth subsidiaries provide us with a strong healthcare platform for understanding patient needs and disease specific treatment regimes.

BioMonde’s core capabilities lay in proprietary nutraceutical and pharmaceutical derivative development, manufacture, and healthcare programs.

Our efforts are guided by a mission focusing on established medicines and nutraceuticals, and scientific standards, ensuring our products are safe, effective and affordable.

Bridging the huge gap between the development of medicines and the people who need them, bringing the very best out of existing drugs, this is where BioMonde finds its strengths.