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Restoring Health - Restoring Lives

CharisHealth is focused on excellence in the deployment of life saving medicines and healthcare services. Our goal is to improve people's quality of life by making vital treatment a reality, irrespective of location or personal circumstances.

A subsidiary of BioMonde Holdings International, CharisHealth turns BioMonde's manufacturing and theoretical expertise into live applications. Armed with emerging and known nutraceutical science, CharisHealth is moved by a medical form of social justice as the paramount working means to winning the necessary recognition of all involved in contributing to solutions.

At CharisHealth we believe medicine is about bridging gaps between ideas and reality. Our business is the unfinished business of combining resources in new ways where the stakes are improving the lives of suffering people.

In the developed world, our mission is:
  • focused on the prevention and management of chronic diseases;
  • the alleviation of medication adverse side-effects;
  • delivery of effective healthcare to the poor, elderly, disabled and needy in partnership with faith-based and non-profit organizations.
In the developing world, our mission is:
  • to develop and manage sustainable clinical and healthcare infrastructures as "Turn-Key" Chronic and Primary HealthCare solutions, administered through Health Maintenance Organization's (HMO), in impoverished and remote communities, in partnership with community leaders, public health authorities, and faith-based and non-profit organizations;
  • to transfer the burden of HIV/AIDS health care in severely affected areas, from hospitals to community and home based patient care, with hospital referral for difficult cases only;
  • to make available, deliver and manage the medicines necessary for the treatment and management of HIV/AIDS. TB and illness associated with HIV infection;
  • to recruit care-givers from HIV devastated communities, train and license them in selected medical skills applicable to the management of HIV/AIDS and TB, and second line primary healthcare, as nurses assistants able to meet the shortfalls in medical staff
  • to reduce the adverse side-effects and improve the efficacy and tolerability of existing front-line generic HAART drugs used in the treatment and management of HIV/AIDS, and TB through the use of BioMonde proprietary therapies such as Heparvit.