HIV/AIDS - a new lease on life!

The HIV virus and HIV treatments interfere with the gastrointestinal and metabolic processes with severe and often life-threatening toxins and other adverse side effects that prevent normal bodily function and patient recovery.

BioMonde's response!
The Global Burden of HIV/AIDS

Despite evidence that prevention programs instituted some time ago are beginning to have an impact in some countries, the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to grow. By 2005, the number of those infected had grown to more than 40 million, double the number in 1995.

Problems associated with anti-retroviral treatments for HIV
Bone Problems;
Gastrointestinal Problems;
Fatty Liver;
Elevated Liver Enzymes;
Heart Disease and HIV;
Facial Wasting/Lipoatrophy;
Immune Reconstitution Syndrm;
Hypersensitivity Reaction;
Kidney Problems;
Lactic Acidosis;
Metabolic Complications;
ARV-Related Liver Problems;
Sexual Dysfunction
Skin Complications;;
Women-Specific Complications;
Badly tolerated;
Not readily available;
FDA-approved (HIV) Treatments and their side effects

Barack Obama

Barack Obama, World AIDS Day Speech, Lake Forest, CA, 12/1/06

“We are all sick because of AIDS - and we are all tested by this crisis. It is a test not only of our willingness to respond, but of our ability to look past the artificial divisions and debates that have often shaped that response. When you go to places like Africa and you see this problem up close, you realize that it's not a question of either treatment or prevention – or even what kind of prevention – it is all of the above. It is not an issue of either science or values – it is both. Yes, there must be more money spent on this disease. But there must also be a change in hearts and minds, in cultures and attitudes. Neither philanthropist nor scientist, neither government nor church, can solve this problem on their own - AIDS must be an all-hands-on-deck effort.”

Development of a optimized, safe, effective and affordable class of novel pro-HIV and pro-ARV umbelliferone derivatives (4-meythylumbellierone).

  • a adjunct to ARV (anti-retroviral) treatment;
  • a prophylaxis to ARV (anti-retroviral) treatment;
  • a therapy for HIV and ARV induced diabetes  mellitus type II, lactic acidosis; pancreatitis; fatigue, metabolic complications, fatty liver, elevated liver enzymes, kidney problems, and general problems associated with ARV treatment;
  • a therapy for any co-hosted combination of: HIV, HBV, and HCV.

BioMonde is focused on the metabolic disorders associated with HIV/AIDS, and improving the viability and effectiveness of anti-retroviral treatments (ARV's), especially the older generic versions, as used in Africa, by addressing their adverse affects, tolerability, availability and adherence. ARV's are often prescribed only as a last resort when doctor's feel the risk of their adverse affects out weigh the need for treatment. Only by reducing the adverse affects of HIV and ARV treatments, can anti-viral treatment be administered earlier, made more effective, become readily available, and regain the confidence of patients.

All aspects and indications of umbelliferone derivatives 4MU (4-meythylumbellierone) are critical to the successful management of HIV/AIDS and ARV(HAART) drugs.

As with cancer-cells, hyaluranon synthases plays a role in the proliferation of HIV infected T-cells. 4MU regulates the over expression of hyaluranon that may prevent ARV's and other drugs from working properly. Hyaluronan is a dense sticky substance that fills the extracellular matrix effectively coating the surface of cells when it over produces. The hyaluronan coating inadvertently acts as a protective shell, preventing the uptake of drugs into the cells. By suppressing the over expression of hyaluronan synthases, umbelliferone derivatives (4-meythylumbellierone), prevent and strip the hyaluronan coating on the surface of the cells, exposing the them to the full effects of ARV drugs. In other words, 4MU actively targets and sensitizes HIV infected T-cells for anticancer drugs, making the drugs work better.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant characteristics of umbelliferone derivatives 4MU (4-meythylumbellierone) help, lesson elevated liver enzymes, reduce inflammation of the liver and the pancreas, excrete lactic acid and free radicals, alleviate fatty liver, and protect against toxic side-affects associated with ARV's. The choleretic characteristics of umbelliferone derivatives 4MU (4-meythylumbellierone) help lower and control cholesterol and the biliary system. The anti-diabetic characteristics of umbelliferone derivatives 4MU (4-meythylumbellierone) improve the efficacy of anti-diabetic drugs and manage diabetes and hypertension associated with HIV/AIDS and ARV treatment.

Consequently, BioMonde's approach means that more HIV/AIDS patients have access to effective healthcare management.


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HIV Virus


Medical research...........

Indicates that umbelliferone derivatives (4-meythylumbellierone) administered with or without anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment improves several underlying adverse symptoms associated with ARV's and HIV.

  • diminishes liver and pancreas inflammation (Hepatitis / Pancreatitis);
  • lowers elevated liver enzymes;
  • lessens abdominal pain;
  • excretes lactic acid and free radicals;
  • minimizes liver and kidney cell damage;
  • anti-diabetic effects:
  • decreases lethargy and tiredness associated with HIV and ARV treatment;
  • improves the efficacy of ARV treatments by improving tolerance, reducing adverse side-effects and toxicity.