Research and Development

BioMonde continues to identify and develop nutraceutical and drug candidates from biopharmacological derivatives, as therapies, as prophylaxics, and as adjuncts to existing drugs to prevent and treat life-threatening chronic diseases in the developed and developing world.

BioMonde is playing a leading part in a scientific and medical revolution, a revolution that has seen major medical advances in the prevention and management of Chronic Diseases, including Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Liver and Biliary Disease, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Diabetes, with the promise of further indications.

"Whilst these chronic diseases first appear diverse and unrelated, they have one thing in common, umbelliferone derivatives, more specifically 4-Methylumbelliferones (4MU)".

How can a simple molecule hold the key to the prevention and management of so many chronic diseases? 4MU Molecule

Umbelliferones, are 7-hydroxycoumarin substances present in many species of plants, especially umbelliferae, fabaceae, and oleaceae, which include such common plants as manna ash, sweet woodruff, german chamomile, celery, parsley, and others. In nature, umbelliferones help protect plants from cellular damage, infestation, trauma, and infection.

BioMonde research is focused on Umbelliferone derivatives (4-methylumbelliferones) due to their potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and more importantly, their ability to inhibit hyaluronan synthase (HA) over expression (over production).

HA over expression has been identified as a major factor in the progression of cancers and cellular degenerative disorders. By inhibiting HA over expression, umbelliferone derivatives (4-methylumbelliferones), the activity and effectiveness of anticancer, antiviral and antidiabetic drugs is significantly improved, whilst adverse side-effects are reduced.

In the developed world, healthcare is frustrated by the adverse side-effects of designer drugs that undermine the demands for the most modern hospitals, the best diagnostic equipment, and the latest drugs. Whereas in the developing world, healthcare is frustrated by the lack of resources, and is often dependent on cheaper, older, generic drugs, that do not fulfill expectations and are often perceived as second rate.

BioMonde works directly with physicians, health authorities, communities, and patients to identify the shortfalls in treatment programs, which in turn, drive BioMonde’s research programs. Inevitably, BioMonde derivatives are combined with existing therapy and drug regimes to improve their effectiveness, tolerability, and safety.

Third party, peer reviewed research, as well as BioMonde’s own research, have also shown promising avenues toward the prevention and treatment of Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's to an advanced stage.

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