Each and Every Human Life is Precious


One Human Race

Amid the complexities and contradictions of human society, it's still easy to forget that we all belong to one human race.

Vast disparities of wealth, opportunity and social justice divide us. The lives of an impoverished family in Isipingo or Rakai couldn’t seem more distant from those of a wealthy family in London or Los Angeles.

Effective Healthcare

Everyone should have access to effective healthcare, whoever they are, and wherever they were born.

Those of us with the ability to make front-line medicines work better and provide life saving medications to the world’s least fortunate must work to meet the challenges of Global Health.



The Mission of Global Health

The marvel and potential of modern medicine must reach everyone, not just a privileged few.

The Global Burden of Chronic Disease

Among the poorest people, 6 in 10 die of chronic illness associated with infectious diseases. Half of those deaths could be prevented.

Turning the Tide

Mankind has never been better equipped than today to take on the challenge of chronic illness.